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Custom Design

Every industry has different Key Performance Indicators. Therefore, every client has different requirements on how to analyze their data. This can only be accomplished with custom formulas and designs.

Versatile Output

All of our analysis will be delivered in spreadsheets. This will save you from having to install expensive, complex software that requires a PhD to understand.


Easily share our output with your team so everybody is on the same page.

Unlock Insights

All data has hidden insights that can be acted upon. Let us find them for you.

Hidden Opportunities

We have discovered millions of dollars in opportunity just hiding in large data sets. A lot of these opportunities, when acted upon, have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Smooth Setup

You tell us what you want. We deliver. Saving you time and money.

All Things Excel

We love spreadsheets and use the most dynamic features in Excel. Whether it’s interactive tables with slicers, complex text functions, or macros to save you time, we got you covered.

Pivot Tables

Arguably the most powerful, yet under utilized tool in Excel. We don’t just use Pivot Tables, but slicers, timelines, and all other hidden features related to Pivot Tables.

Data Visualization

Stop looking over rows and rows of raw data. Let us create fully dynamic, interactive charts that will save your time and sanity.

Custom Reports

Get several reports from different departments? We help consolidate everything into an easy to understand, dynamic format.

Partners & Clients;Friends

Ranging in annual revenue from $3mm – $155mm, our clients are in multiple industries. The common theme is that every company is collecting more and more data that is being stored, but not analyzed. With 100% customer satisfaction, we’re turning our client’s business data into business insights.

What Our Clients Say

Let us Turn Your Business Data into Actionable Insights!