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KPI Excel was built as an idea during the MBA program at the University of Houston. During his studies, our founder had an opportunity to be an understudy to the world’s top Excel data analysis and business modeling professor, Dr. Wayne Winston, the person that wrote the book (literally). After taking every class that was offered by Dr. Winston, we reached out to some friends to see how they were currently handling their data and spreadsheets. It was then that we realized there was a great opportunity to consult with companies that needed help with all things related to Excel.

In the latter half of 2014, KPI Excel gained their first client and since then has been assisting companies all around the state of Texas. With Dr. Winston as an advisor, there is not a single Excel task that we cannot perform.

We offer a zero risk, 100% free consultation. From sales figures to customer analysis, don’t let your data sit in rows and columns. Let us help you grow your business by giving you the right insights so you can make data based decisions.

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