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Case Studies

A mid sized title company based in Houston that had over 850,000 raw data points sitting in a database. We took the data and found the following insights:

Organized the data into a clean, organized, understandable Excel table with slicers and used conditional formatting to help visualize the data
Analyzed the data to show employee performance year over year and month over month
Analyzed the data to show the purchasing behaviors of over 4,000 previous clients
Found customer based metrics such as number of orders and size of orders per client
Found previous clients that have not been contacted in 90 days, unlocking tens of millions of dollars in opportunity
Created macros that would instantly create documents to email staff about hidden opportunities
Saved the president of the company and assistants countless hours

Case Studies

Large feedlot in north Texas that manages 80,000 cattle a year had a reporting output that was nearly 30 pages long filled with rich data :

Organized the data to show when each cattle would be large enough to sell.
Dissected the data to show which pens were being under and over utilized
Built model to instantly identify data entry errors. These errors would cause the company’s hedges to be wrong, thus saving them thousands of dollars with this single formula
Enhanced user experience by eliminating scrolling. This can only be accomplished with the most up to date features of Excel 2013.
Built a variance model comparing inventory projections versus actual performance. This helps with future projections by analyzing historical variances.
Built financing model showing the value of each asset based on futures prices and current weight.
Built predictive model based on inventory’s age to help forecast ready dates as well as future revenue.
Built dynamic model to show possible causation of inventory loss. Model was built to show if animals were being put in over utilized pens.
Constructed numerous dynamic charts to easily visualize all Key Performance Indicators. Giving the client visuals so they could instantly make better informed decisions.

Case Studies

Mid-sized company in Houston that had reports coming in from numerous different branches and employees. We took their data and accomplished the following :

Eliminated scrolling by using the latest features of Excel 2013
Combined all reports into one easy to use custom built spreadsheet
Added table of contents with chapters that easily directed the client to each individual spreadsheet
Built macros to instantly create custom charts based on clients different criteria
Visualized nearly 30 metrics that allowed the client to instantly make data based decisions
Created pivot charts that gave the client power to easily compare two different metrics with the click of a button
Built forecasting models that helps save numerous hours on creating different budgets for each branch

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